History 297

297: Timeline Practice

Embedded below is a practice timeline for my HIST 297 course. The timeline is made using Timeline JS, and reflects a view key dates within my literature review project on late nineteenth and early-twentieth century Chinese funerary rites and death ritual. Please note that timeline is a work in progress, and is not yet complete.… Read More 297: Timeline Practice

History 297

297 Prompt 4: Databases

Prompt 4: What academic databases do you find most helpful in your research? Challenging? Why? Strengths and weaknesses? Which ones do you think you should explore further? Throughout my past three semesters at Mary Washington, I have gained a greater understanding on how to navigate and properly utilize online databases. Currently, my favorite database for… Read More 297 Prompt 4: Databases

History 297

297 Prompt 3: History as Myth according to Paul Cohen

Prompt 2, September 27, 2017: How do Cohen’s last chapters of the book, in Part 3 “the Boxers as Myth,” answer different kinds of historical questions than those Part 1, “the Boxers as Event,” and Part 2, “the Boxers as Experience?” What do these chapters reveal about how history itself is constructed? What questions might they… Read More 297 Prompt 3: History as Myth according to Paul Cohen

History 297

Introduction + 297 Images

Hello! My name is Glynnis Farleigh, and I am a second-year student at the University of Mary Washington. I am from Northern Virginia. In this post, I will be introducing myself, as well as discussing three selected images from Flickr Commons for History 297.

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This is my page for academic use at the University of Mary Washington. I am a second-year History Major and Secondary Education student from Northern Virginia. Posts will be categorized by the class in which they are affiliated with.