Digital Studies 101: Intro to Digital Studies

DGST 101: Creativity Module – Interactive Fiction

Our second DGST project is to select a prompt from the Culture Module categories. I chose to explore the world of Interactive Fiction, or IF, as it reminded me of the “choose your own adventure” books and games from elementary school.

While it is very simple, you can view my sample IF project here on Playfic. I selected Playfic because it did not require me to learn complex code or download a program to my computer. I simply created an account and started experimenting! I wrote this piece of IF using other simple pieces as an example.

One challenge of writing IF is the way in which one must be selective and succinct with their word choice in order to create a story that is readable and functional. While it may seem intuitive at first glance, IF requires a sharp understanding of language.

To view my PowerPoint on IF for in-class group discussion, please click here.

To read my reflection on IF, please click here.

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