Digital Studies 101: Intro to Digital Studies

DGST 101: Culture Module (3/4) – Personal Blogging

Prompt: Blogging in Relation to Myself: What elements of blogging can be used to my advantage in cultivating my own professional digital identity?

In my last post, I identified and defined the following elements of successful bloggers:

  1. Reliable and Steady Stream of Content
  2. Meaningfulness and Sincerity of Content
  3. Access to Other Perspectives
  4. Visual Appeal
  5. Alignment Between Content and Lifestyle

Reliable and Steady Stream of Content

I could apply this tactic to my own blogging in the form of consistent weekly or monthly entries, as well as by creating a series in which I blog about topics related to a set theme. To do this, I plan on writing a series of posts about my upcoming practicum experience.

Meaningfulness and Sincerity of Content

The best content that I could produce on my domain would be related to my own interests, particularly history and education. This would be successful as both interesting and natural for me to write about.

Access to Other Perspectives

Accessing the views of others is likely the hardest element of successful blogging, as it involves both knowing who to contact for an additional perspective on a topic that interests you, as well as taking the time to interview and learn from them.

One form of accessing other perspectives that I could take part in would be consuming and responding to the content of other educational bloggers, as well as reflecting on my experiences and interactions with my peers.

Visual Appeal

Visual appeal is my favorite aspect of blogging, as it is the intersection of organization and creativity. I enjoy taking the time to figure out ways to make my domain more visually appealing, streamlined, and organized, but there is always room for improvement!

Alignment Between Content and Lifestyle

This one is pretty simple – if you write about a topic, you should have some real life connection to that topic, otherwise content becomes insincere and uninteresting.


I’d like to restate out that all of these elements are merely my opinion based on habits and tactics that I have observed from other bloggers. This list is by no means the end-all-be-all of blogging, it’s simply my observations for my first (but not last) Digital Studies project.

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