Digital Studies 101: Intro to Digital Studies

DGST 101: Methodology Module (4/4) – Digital Journalism and My Digital Identity

What Did I Learn about Digital Journalism?

At the end of this project, I have learned two things:

  1. What makes for an effective mobile website, and in turn, effective layouts of digital journalism
  2. The way in which caption-based videos, a category of digital journalism, utilize autoplay and other features to be competitive in a saturated market of online media.

Digital Journalism and My Digital Identity

So what does all of this have to do with my own digital identity? Digital journalism, like so many forms of media on the internet, uses different algorithms and cookie systems to tailor and direct content to me. The content that is promoted to me or pops up onto my news feed is a direct reflection of social media’s understanding of my own wants, needs, interests, and personality. I do not plan on launching the next Buzzfeed, (although I did enjoy making online quizzes for my friends as a middle schooler…) but I could see myself incorporating elements of digital journalism into my future classroom, specifically with a focus on showing my future students:

  1. How to keep the attention of a mobile audience member
  2. How to convey content and information in non-traditional ways, such as short form, captioned videos
  3. The importance of flexibility and changing the presentation of news media with the times (in reference to my comments on the Lyft versus People mobile websites)

Overall, I enjoyed embarking on this project, and enjoyed learning more about digital journalism!

Thank you for reading! While all sources cited are hyperlinked in the appropriate areas, for a comprehensive lists of sources cited, please click here to view my citations page. The methodology module citations are at the bottom of the page.

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