Digital Studies 101: Intro to Digital Studies

DGST 101: Your Domain Identity

Prompt – If you already have a UMW domain (DoOO) website: How does the name reflect your identity? How would you describe your identity there? Is it the domain that you want to use for your digital identity in this class? Is this a domain name you want to use and maintain long-term? Why or why not? How would you describe your identity there? What goal would you like to identify related to your Digital Identity project? Have you done any additional work on your digital identity this week?  

Welcome to my domain,! This is the site where I will be posting content for DGST 101: Introduction to Digital Studies.  I chose to use my name for my URL because this was the simplest and most versatile option, and I wanted to merge my personal identity with my digital identity. My header image, as seen above, lists both my areas of study, history, education, and digital studies, as well as where I am from – Northern Virginia, but living in Fredericksburg. I use this site for academic and teaching purposes.

I plan on maintaining this domain for long-term use because it allows me to preserve samples of my work and achievements, as well as maintain a professional online presence. I am in the 5-Year Masters of Education program, and I hope to teach middle school social studies in the near future. I also have ample experience working with preschoolers and Kindergarteners in a summer program in my hometown.

During the school year, I use my domain to post reflections for history and education classes, as well as the occasional life update. I use this domain to list a professional “about me” section, a copy of my digital resume, and links to selected social media. I have used my domain for HIST 297 and 298, as well as some EDUC courses. During the summer, I use my domain to cross-post photos from my teaching Instagram account, as seen on the sidebar. I use this account for portfolio purposes, and because I enjoy posting aesthetically pleasing photos and life updates!

I would describe my identity as focussed and to-the-point. My domain is neat, organized, and aesthetically pleasing, which is in line with my teaching style. This week, the only adjustment that I have made to my domain is slightly updating my “about me” section with a more recent photo and work experience. I am currently enrolled in EDUC 385: Classroom Management and will be soon receiving a practicum placement. I would like to add practicum-related reflections and content to my page. I would also like to get in the habit of using my domain to post course assignments, even when not required.

The hardest part of maintaining my domain is ensuring that content is succinct, professional, and meaningful because I want to put my best self forward on my domain.

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