History 298: The Role of Women and Domesticity in Victorian England

Sarah Stickney Ellis on Consideration – The Women of England

“I remember walking home on a beautiful summer’s evening, with one of these lovely and impetuous creatures, who was then just entering upon all the rights and privileges of a belle, and, to my great surprise, observing that she trod indiscriminately upon all the creeping things which the damp and the dew had tempted forth into our path. I remonstrated with her, of course; but she turned to me with her own bewitching air of naiveté, and said—“And pray, why may I not tread upon the snails?” Farther remonstrance was unnecessary, for the mind which had attained maturity without feeling enough to prevent this reckless and disgusting waste of life, must of necessity have been impervious to reason.” -Chapter VII: Domestic Habits, – COnsideration and Kindness, Page 179

via The Women of England, Their Social Duties, and Domestic Habits by Sarah Stickney Ellis, 1838

I have decided to include this additional excerpt from The Women of England on my domain, as I just came across it while working on my HIST 298 Research Project, and it gives me great joy.

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