History 298: The Role of Women and Domesticity in Victorian England

Update Regarding The Role of Women and Domesticity in Victorian England

Note: This post has been updated on Friday, February 2nd from its original content on Friday, January 19.

The Spring 2018 semester has begun, which means that I am now enrolled in History 298: Practicum. In this course, we will be working with both primary and secondary sources in a research project aimed at equipping us with the proper skills needed for engaging in future research projects.

At the beginning of the semester, I had planned on researching Victorian Mourning culture and attire. After having spoken with my professor, it was realized that there is a lack of primary sources on this topic available to me at UMW.

Instead, I will be researching the role of women and domesticity in Victorian Britain, with a specific focus on Victorian domestic conduct manuals. The primary source I will be using is titled The Women of England, Their Social Duties and Domestic Habits by Sarah Stickney Ellis. The work was originally published in 1838. The full text of this source is available through Indiana University’s online library for Victorian women writers. 

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