History 428: Adventures in Digital History

HIST 428: A Minor Dilemma

In my last ADH update, I talked about how the Scrapbooks Group is moving along swimmingly with our project, as we had just finished up captioning.

Next Gen Galleries

This past week, Mady has been working hard on creating Next Gen galleries for each of our scrapbooks. After finishing this process, she realized that, for many of the photos, the description of each photo partially or entirely cuts off a large portion of photos. There is no way to reduce the font size, so we will have to choose one of two solutions:

  1. Reduce the size of each description by cutting out unnecessary text
  2. Find another location to put descriptions, or more importantly, transcriptions.

I am personally leaning towards going with Option 2, just because I think that the descriptions are an important accessibility component of our project. However, this will require some creativity on our part to collectively figure out how we want to rearrange our galleries. If we did not use Next Gen, photo captions would simply appear underneath the photos. For whatever reason, that is not how Next Gen works. In the future, we know now to do a more thorough test run of plug-ins like this to make sure that we don’t have any last-minute blips.

Going Forward

Our group is still meeting tomorrow via Zoom to flesh things out. Initially, we just needed to work on the narratives, however, it looks like we may need to split up into two sub-groups to address the new challenge.

Regardless, I am confident that we will figure out a solution to the way in which photo captions are displayed, as we have been working so well together.

2 thoughts on “HIST 428: A Minor Dilemma

    1. We ended up doing away with Next Gen galleries and decided to just use the built-in display system on WordPress!

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