History 428: Adventures in Digital History

HIST 428: ePortfolios

This week in ADH, we were tasked with setting up ePortfolios. Thankfully, some of my education courses have already required me to set up an ePortfolio, so all I had to do for this assignment was to add supplemental information. I thought that it made the most sense to use my education site, given the fact that that is my career path.

You can view my ePortfolio by clicking here, or by clicking the link at the top of this site’s menu bar.

I primarily use this site for education coursework. For ADH, I added a few menu items to include an updated, text-based resume, as well as a few examples of lesson plans I’ve taught or created in the past and relevant final projects. In many ways, such as the embedded social media feeds, this site is very similar to my main domain.

I didn’t have any issues with updating my ePortfolio other than the fact that my uploaded documents would not embed themselves into the page with a preview function. For some reason, I was able to accomplish this with the exact same PDFs on this site, but not the ePortfolio. Oh well, no big deal!

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