History 428: Adventures in Digital History

HIST 428: Group Considerations for Website Construction

What will we consider when constructing our scrapbook website? Here are factors to consider:

Narrative Approach:

Piper suggests taking a narrative approach to our website to help guide viewers. Emily cites the “Gilded Age Murders” website as a good example of combining narrative with options.

Home Page:

Adding to this, Mady suggests that we include an informational home page. This homepage will allow users to understand how our site is organized. Erin agrees that the best websites include home pages. If a site is confusing or its purpose is unknown, users are less likely to pay attention.

Easy to Navigate

Mady mentioned that her least favorite part of the “Gilded Age Murders” site was how it was difficult to navigate back to the home page from other pages. We would ensure that our site is easy to navigate back and forth. We will need to consider how viewers outside of our own group or the Rowe family itself will understand the purpose of our site. To help us with this, Erin had shared an article on creating “user friendly interfaces” with us.

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