History 428: Adventures in Digital History

HIST 428: Home Stretch

Welcome to Progress Report #I Have No Idea How Many Progress Reports I Have Written! I am pleased to announce that, as of this morning’s meeting, all Scrapbooks group photos have been captioned! This was the last major “internal” part of our project.

Final Steps

What does that mean for the scrapbooks group? Well, it means that we only have two major steps left in our project:

  1. NextGen Galleries: We are ready to add all of our photos to galleries that will be displayed on their respective pages. Mady will be taking the lead on this, with Erin’s help.
  2. Narrative: Emily has done an amazing job of conducting research for this project. I will be assisting her in adding narratives to each page. Piper will assist in proofreading, as well as transcribing any long form texts that were not included in captions.

Our Game Plan

We plan on meeting again via Zoom on Tuesday to come up with our official game plan for the last few days of work. From there, we will determine whether or not our respective duties can primarily be done at home, or if we would prefer to meet more via Zoom. As always, everyone has been flexible and agreeable to do whatever it takes to create a good project.

1 thought on “HIST 428: Home Stretch

  1. Thank you for your work with captioning and helping the website to look nice! I’m excited to begin working on the narrative next week.

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