History 428: Adventures in Digital History

HIST 428: More Captions

So far this week, the Scrapbooks group has been continuing work as usual on our website. Most group members have continued to work on the same areas of the project as last week.

Captioning Continued

Personally, I have continued to work on captions. As of right now, there are roughly twenty photos left to caption, which I am confident that I can finish this week. To be honest, I imagine that the captions would have been done sooner if our group was meeting in-person for an extended period of time, but regardless, we are still on track with our project.

What I Wish We Did

The biggest challenge I have had with captioning is that our scanning spreadsheet was not as detailed as I would have liked. If we were to have continued meeting in the Digital Archiving Lab, we would have simply been able to reference back photos that we wanted to add more information or context on.

Still, our spreadsheet provided good enough information on most all photos. There were a handful of photos that we did not have sufficient information on however. In this case, Mady was able to reach out to Angie, who was able to track down and provide such information.

In the future, I would consider creating captions, alt-text, and any other descriptions for photos as we enter them into the spreadsheet, rather than after the fact. This would simply save time and allow us to work from home more easily.

Thinking About the Digital Portfolio

Our digital portfolios are due this coming Tuesday, April 7. (Thanks, Scrapbooks group.) I have been thinking about what I am going to discuss for mine. One of my education classes this semester, Instructional Technologies, required us to make separate domains to serve as ePortfolios. I think that I will add some resources, such as lesson plans and education projects, to my education ePortfolio for the purpose of this project.

I have always kept track of portfolio resources for education in print form and on my computer, but I have never truly created a dedicated, all-inclusive portfolio for myself. I think in the future I would be more interested in creating a classroom-oriented website to save or showcase resources than a portfolio just about myself.

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