History 428: Adventures in Digital History

HIST 428: Scrapbook Group Video

Today, while working in the Special Collections room, our group made a short, video about our progress so far and goals on our project.

Each group member shared their specific role, or roles, in the group. Personally, I just finished transcribing Anne Rowe’s high school family autobiography, which will serve as a foundation for our site.

Our goals for our next group meeting are:

  • Determine the exact foundation (pages, layout, etc.) of our website
  • Conduct contextual research on Anne Rowe and other points of focus
  • Determine which scrapbooks/resources we wish to pull information from our digitize

We are also excited to be meeting with Jeanette and Florence this coming Wednesday, February 5 at Agora Downtown Coffee Shop to discuss her life and her family.

Mady did a great job editing and putting the video together, which is embedded below!

Our group’s Youtube video.

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