History 428: Adventures in Digital History

HIST 428: StoryMap and Timeline

For this activity in HIST 428, we were instructed to explore a new digital tool, such as StoryMapJS AND TimelineJS, or complete a lesson in the Programming Historian. I chose to make a Story Map and Timeline.

My Story Map: Food in Fredericksburg

I have never used Story Map before, and I found it to be even easier to use than Timeline! For my first Story Map, I made a map of my favorite restaurants in downtown Fredericksburg. Because I live in the UMW Apartments, the map is comprised of restaurants that are all within walking distance of me. References for photos used are included in the photo captions.

My Timeline

I have used TimelineJS in History courses a number of times. For this activity, I made a simple chronology of Twin Peaks, one of my favorite TV shows. The dates on the timeline are indicative of the order that events happen in the Twin Peaks universe, rather than actual release dates.

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